We provide expertise for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Cross-Platform Mobile apps and Custom Enterprise Software

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Build AI Apps such as Recommendation and Sentiment Analysis engines, Chatbots, across areas such as Marketing, Analytics, Decision support and many more.


Mobile and Web

Migrate your web app into a mobile device platform, while reusing the same code base across multiple mobile platforms, saving future maintenance costs.


Custom Enterprise Software

Build your next enterprise level software platform, or integrate a new software enhancement with one of the existing enterprise platforms.

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We provide services across the full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), and can support you at all stages of your software project.

Strategic Consulting

Discover opportunities to improve or enhance your business processes and chart your way to acquire those opportunities by leveraging our strategic advice and our technical expertise.

Architecture / Development

Create a blueprint for your architectural end-goals by design a solution that satisfies your business requirement and technological challenges.


We can support your initiave, from its inception, throughout its design and development until your solution is part of your production systems.


Supercharge your existing apps with new features or enhancements, add features such as Machine Learning Features, migration to Mobile Apps or integration with Enterprise systems.


Identify and correctly address those performance bottlenecks, without a complete re-write, scale to the cloud or with in-premise solutions.


Carry on with that Modernization project that will rescue existing software, with modern technologies or updated business processes.

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About Us

We are a custom software development services firm.
We have been serving clients in the US and Canadian markets since 2003.
Solutionwise Consulting, Inc. is Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with leading edge, custom software solutions that are pragmatic and have excellent performance.

We are experienced specialized generalists that have a 10,000 feet view, and can bring this perspective into the implementation aspect.

We are able to see the abstractions and patterns across different businesses domains and within technology itself such as that we can conceptualize new innovative solutions.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to continue innovating across industries and across technologies to bring the best possible solutions to our customers.

Continue embracing leading edge technologies, frameworks, tools and languages that provide its disrupting capabilities into your projects.

Our Values

  • Quality not quantity: small and efficient teams.
  • Cross-functional team members that can perform well throughout the project.
  • Simple but powerful languages and tools that scale well up to compose larger toolsets.
  • Minimalist - Doing less is more.

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