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Customer Centric Web Applications

Launch Early, Release Often

Launch Early

Our process gives customers the ability to get an edge in time to market sensitive features.
Business may begin an Application with a minimal feature set, which allows to explore the usage of such released features and bring this intelligence into the next iterations.
An example of an iteration could span only two weeks, are you serving your customers this often?

Our process can be better understood with the metaphor of a factory, where components are carefully 'assembled' into larger components that will build up the required web application. We combine this with the vast array of open source resources available.

Accelerate business leadership with Custom Applications

New solutions require new tools.

The more displacement created in business leadership, the more different the toolset to achieve this will be.
These business tools will include Custom Web applications which contrary to existing software ( COTS) will be a precise fit and allow you to evolve to address specific needs.

We believe Custom Web Apps are key in advancing your leadership for a given market.

Accelerate Business

The Process for Customer Centric Web Applications

Our Process

Once your objectives and goals are defined for solving a given business problem, a solution can be envisioned and design can be made with a Customer Centric focus.
Our entire development process is designed to facilitate this approach.
This process consists of a set of iterations to gradually build up on functionality towards the completion of the required set of features.
Our approach regarding customer features tends to be minimalist. This allows to filter out the noise and find what are the features that really matter, leaving applications uncluttered. At the same time avoiding the feature creep, typical of software projects.
A small feature set is important as about only 80% of the features will be sufficient to solve a business problem.

The workflow for each development iteration consists of:

  • DISCOVERY: Overview of requirements and identification of sets of requirements
  • DEVELOP: Items are developed according to pre-defined requirements
  • DEPLOY: Delivery and acceptance of developed items

This workflow ensures that prior to beginning each iteration items are reviewed and re-prioritized. Preserving a customer centric focus. Businesses change often, our process allows the flexibility to adjust deliverables when starting a new iteration.

Can you envision unleashing these concepts when building the future of your business?