Making better 

Mobile and Web apps

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· We build Customer Centric Apps

for web and mobile audiences.

· Expertly crafted

meticulously hand coded.

· Using the right tool

for the job.

· Just ONE Mobile App

to target all three platforms.

· Responsive Web apps faster

than in any other platform with Ruby.

· Empowering funded startups

connecting business and technology.

· Enterprise enabled

we work with your challenges.

· Accessible expertise and know-how.

To capitalize in your customer offering.

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We Build

Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications
  • Multiple devices, one app
  • Reduce development cost
  • Reduce time to market
  • Mobilize existing services
  • Expand to new markets
  • Connect to your customers
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Web Apps

Web Applications
  • Web Apps interconnected
  • Aggregate content + services
  • Scalable B2C apps
  • Reduce B2B complexity
  • Pragmatic, lean approach
  • Simple, effective feature sets
  • Launch early, release often
  • Serve customers more often
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Making Apps, better.

The creation of custom software applications, used to be reserved for large corporate markets. Typically large, costly projects requiring dozens of people and many man-months to be build that generated complex systems that are hard to maintain and difficult to change.

That is no longer true.

Why a Mobile or Web app?

Businesses today, need to fully integrate customers with web or mobile experiences.
By having smarter controls in your business and by adding real intelligence to the information exchanged with your customers, the business transforms.
Having interconnected web applications brings the principle we believe in: "The Web is your App and your App is the Web". It is simply not fashion du jour, but an acceptance that businesses need to adapt to the change.

Because you business is changing, everyday.

The reason to create new software should be to address either a new need in your business or to add to the value you provide to your customers.
By bringing customers with mobile or web software you may tap into new data sources, facilitate aggregation from other sources and augment your business value.

A Customer Centric Process

  • Creates applications with an emphasis in lean practices to eliminate waste.
    - Reducing time and cost -
  • Consists of multiple short iterations that gradually and visibly transform your needs into working software.
    - Meaning more running software sooner -
  • Executed with three steps: Discovery, Development and Deployment.
    - No complicated methodologies -
  • Emphasis in delivering truly Customer Centric applications.
  • Mature, experienced and professional approach. Period.

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